About Us

AutoIterative is a result of a multi-decade experience of hiring software engineers in varied sizes companies, from FAANG to fast-growing unicorns to small startups just setting their foot in this world. Our product solves the problem of automatically assessing software engineer skills, leaving you to focus on the cultural part of your hiring loop.

Our mission is to make technical interviewing better: fairer, more reasonable, with orders of magnitude better signal to noise ratio, using the right metric, real-life, less stressful for candidates, and more efficient for companies.

Our Principles

Hiring loops based on those principles are superior. They are fast, cheap, fair, protect from mistakes, and improve the diversity of the company.

Our Approach

After years of experimentation building hiring loops in various companies, we derived the most effective model for hiring the best software engineering talent. There are two orthogonal dimensions that you need to assess individually:

The best way to answer the first question is to let the candidate ship something and evaluate the result.

We salute the companies who have processes, structure, and safety procedures that are mature enough to allow candidate access to production as part of the hiring interview. For everyone else, we created AutoIterative — a complete building block for your hiring loop that does exactly that: provides a realistic production environment where the candidate can shine in their ability to deliver.

We have solved the first part of the equation for you, allowing you to focus on the second question according to your company values and culture.

Company Details

AutoIterative OÜ is a private limited company registered in Estonia with registry number 16066633 and VAT EE102304824.

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