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(7 minutes)

The past (somewhat, if you are careful) predicts the future

A quick detour into what behavioral interviews are. In this post, we explain how to answer the question we introduced in the previous post: «can I work with you?»
(6 minutes)

What to ask when interviewing software engineers

In this post we explore the dangers of using the wrong metrics for hiring software engineers and propose a set of three questions to define a better hiring loop.
(5 minutes)

@here I need a reviewer!

About half of candidate applications for software developer positions do not work. Reviewing them is a massive waste of your engineers’ time. In this blog post, we explain why it happens and propose how to get this time back.
(5 minutes)

How to hire great engineers

In this post we compare great software engineers to chefs, propose an efficient way of detecting them, and introduce the AutoIterative platform.