Our pricing model is honest and transparent: you only pay for the value you get. You can have as many demo accounts as you need to evaluate our platform. When you're ready to use it, you can buy as many invites as you need. When you buy your first batch, we upgrade your demo account to the full one.

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  • Fully functional platform
  • All of the demo challenges
  • Five demo invites included


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  • Fully functional platform
  • All of the available challenges
  • As many invites as you need, sold in packs of 10 or 20
  • Ability to customize your 3rd level domain
  • Email support

$100 per invite!

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How do I upgrade my demo account to a real one?

When you decide to use the AutoIterative platform as a building block in your hiring loop, please drop us an email with your current demo account name, the desired domain name, and the number of invites you wish to buy.

We will convert your account to production one, make it available on the DNS name of your choice, top-up your quota, and send you an invoice. You will get access to all of the challenges right away and can start hiring immediately without wasting time.

Can I pay with credit card?

At this time, we only support manual invoicing, but the credit card payment option is on our roadmap. To accommodate for the slow nature of the invoicing payment method, we top-up your quota at the time of invoice generation, so you can start using our platform immediately and pay the invoice in due time.

What if the invoice fails to get paid in due time?

Our invoices have reasonable payment terms of two weeks to give you plenty of time to sort them out. If the payment fails to go through during that time, the platform will suspend your account. Suspended accounts can not invite the new candidates or see the progress of the ongoing challenges. The candidates themselves, who are already in the queue, will be able to continue solving the challenges without any disruption. We believe that payment irregularities should not disrupt the flow of your hiring loops. We also want to be extremely clear and transparent about our approach upfront to help you get trust in the platform.

How many invites can I buy?

Our data indicate that to find a senior-level engineer, you need to process ten candidates on average. To account for that and to minimize manual invoice processing, we sell invites in packs of 10 and 20 at this time.

What exactly are demo challenges and invites?

We believe that you should be able to fully assess the functionality of the AutoIterative platform before you decide to start using it as an efficient building block of your hiring loop. Thus, we provide the subset of our challenges for free to try it out. The invitations to them have an explicit [DEMO] prefix, but the challenges themselves are fully functional and are the ones that you would use to hire a real candidate.

For the best experience, we recommend enrolling in the demo account and sending those demo invites to your current software engineers. This way, you will observe first hand what your candidates will experience and also map the challenge level precisely to your current engineering talent.

What exactly are the limitations of the demo account?

Invitations sent from demo accounts have an explicit [DEMO] prefix in them visible by the candidate. Demo accounts are limited to only a subset of challenges and have a quota of five invites. We will also periodically clean up inactive demo accounts.

Demo accounts are provided absolutely free of charge, and we require neither a credit card number nor even a valid email address to enroll. We will try to send the notifications to the address you provided, so if you want to get the fullest experience, please use an address where you can receive emails.

Have more questions?

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