$100 per candidate assessment.

Candidates who do not engage are free.

The Plan
Best platform for hiring SWEs
Instant access to all ready challenges
As many invites as you need
Detailed report of candidate performance
Email support

Pricing FAQ

Our pricing model is simple, honest, and transparent. You only pay for the value you get: evaluating the performance of your candidates.

How do I evaluate the platform?

We provide fully functional demo accounts free of charge. You can register a demo account at any time and evaluate the platform at your own pace.

For the best possible evaluation, we recommend inviting your current team to the demo challenges. They will get first-hand experience of how your hiring loop would look from a candidate's perspective. It will also map the skill level of your current team to the platform.

What are demo account limitations?

With a demo account, you can invite up to five candidates to our most popular challenges.

The challenges are fully functional to facilitate a thorough evaluation of the platform. They will provide the identical candidate experience as non-demo accounts. Their only difference is that the candidate will see the "DEMO" prefix in their invitation.

Can I have more than one demo account?

Yes. You can have as many demo accounts as you need to evaluate the platform. If you plan to do such a thorough evaluation, drop us an email. We'll bump up the number of invites for you to make it easier.

How do I get a real, non-demo account?

When you buy your first batch, we will convert your existing demo account to the full one. Drop us an email with your desired domain name.

What payment methods do you support?

We support credit card payments via Stripe.

Want to pay via wire transfer? Drop us an email, and we'll figure something out.

How many invites can I buy?

You can buy any number of invites in batches of 10 or 20.

That is enough to find one or two senior-level engineers, on average.

Do invitations expire?

No. The only way to use the invitation is to filter a candidate with it.

When is an invitation considered "used?"

It happens when the candidate engages with the challenge by pushing their first commit.

Alternatively, they can decide not to engage with it either by abandoning or rejecting it. If that happens, we return the invite to your account.

What's your refund policy?

Invitation purchases are non-refundable.

We provide an unlimited number of fully functional demo accounts so you can evaluate the platform as thoroughly as you need before committing. However, if you do believe you require a refund, please drop us an email. We'll work something out.

Have more questions?

Drop us an email please.